Hello, everyone! Yes, you read that right! timebenderss (Gail) and completelytwitterpated (Justine) here, bringing you a Jackunzel and Mericcup Week! Two weeks dedicated to these two amazing ships! We hope that many of you guys will be able to participate, and it would be great if you could help spread the word, or reblog this notice!

Jackunzel Week will be running from May 1st - 7th, while Mericcup Week will be running from May 8th - 14th!

Below you will find the list of themes for the two ships separately:

Jackunzel: (May 1st - 7th)
Day 1 - Once in a Blue Moon

Day 2 - Legend
Day 3 - Make Hay While the Sun Shines
Day 4 - Vestige
Day 5 - It Takes Two To Tango
Day 6 - Safe-Haven
Day 7 - Better to Have Loved and Lost (than Never to Have Loved at All)

Mericcup: (May 8th - 14th)
Day 1 - One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure
Day 2 - Breakaway
Day 3 - Against the Clock
Day 4 - Oddball
Day 5 - The Best of Both Worlds
Day 6 - Fallback
Day 7 - Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

You can find the definitions of the themes HERE, on the Jackunzel-Mericcup-Week blog. Please visit the ABOUT/GUIDELINES page for the RULES and more information about the weeks. If you have any questions about the themes you can always ask Gail or Justine. :)

It is important to remember to tag your contributions with #Jackunzel Week and/or #Mericcup Week (with a space in between!). And if you want to see the many beautiful, mind-blowing, heart-wrenching and amazing contributions, go ahead and track the tags or follow the Jackunzel-Mericcup-Week blog! You don’t have to join both weeks; we know that there are Jackunzel shippers that don’t ship Mericcup; and Mericcup shippers that don’t ship Jackunzel. It is optional for you to post for all the days; it is also optional for you to follow the blog. The blog will be reblogging the different art, fics, manips and/or gifsets, etc. throughout the days.

We are so so very excited to see everyone’s contributions! See you on May 1st!

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